Pilgrimage to the camp of Treblinka :
Go to Treblinka is not an  excursion but a piece of memory  to honor all people killed there.

In order to go to Treblinka, first  you should go to the railway station of  Warsaw (Polland) to buy your ticket from Warsaw to Malkinia, you must speak polland since they dont speak english. In fact you can check on the website  of the polish  railway the timetables and the prices, but the best way consist to go to the informations, this is the only place where one people speak english and can inform you about the timetables, prices and the gate.

Malkinia is about  92 km from Warsaw, It is not really a city, only a railway station in a no land, nobody there, only a smal bar, a  parking full of cars, some taxis, a bus stop but no bus in view, without any information. The few people there dont speak english. We have waited about a half hour the bus to Treblinka, after that I ask (using my hands) to a polish working in the station about how to go to Treblinka. He answer me that there is no bus, only by foot or taxi: Nie Bus, Taxi. I see a taxi man, then I was inquire about the price of a taxi to Treblinka, again using the hands, 80 zlotis one way or 120 zlotis two ways and the taxi waits there 2h. We take the taxi and we stop near the station to buy flowers.  Treblinka is located about  20 km from  Malkinia and it takes about 30 minutes to go there. We arrive to Treblinka and we are surprised that they call it Museum of Treblinka, we must paye 2zl, then we start to go by foot to the extermination camp of Treblinka II, but the taxi comes, pick us and let us in the gate of the ancien railway station. He will wait for us there .

The initial gate in Treblinka was destroyed by the nazis, so here it is a reconstruction. At first view we can see many stones. The stones symbolise peoples.
Nearly to the gate are placed stones which  symbolise the origin (villages, cities or countries) of victimes:
Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, France, Grèce, Pologne, URRS.

Then we follow exactly the same path as the victims of nazis:

  untill we arrive to the big place in Treblinka where are disposed 17000 stones, each one stone represents a person killed by nazis in Treblinka. They have eliminated about  17000 people everyday.

On the stones we can read the names of some judes's villages from Polland.
les 17000 tués par jour
A memorial is located in the center of the camp

A monument represents the cremation of victimes

Some photos taked by the deputy  comandant of the extermination camp Kurt Franz are there , we can see des engins cleaning the crmation rest of victims.

Few material proofs of the passage of victims remains there. We know only that about  800000 personnes arrived to  Treblinka, only 35 survivors, all the other rests were destroyed by Nazis

We left flowers on the stone named Grecia (Greece) and we maded a small ceremony in honor of our relatives and friends sacrified in Treblinka.

Coming back to the enter of the Museum we can see some information pannels.